There Was No Sexual Revolution Part 4

Statistics say 95% of females in America don’t like their bodies, but I think it’s more. I’ve never met another woman who didn’t have some kind of negative feelings about the skin she lives in. While male culture was working overtime in the 1970s revving up sex to the public, along the way it decreed how women should look, act and feel about sex in these new sexually liberalized times.

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and it has finally come to me: Women hate their bodies because men hate women’s bodies, or certain aspects of them. An omnipresent media blitz of ideal female sexuality makes it abundantly clear to every female what men like and don’t like about the female body. Men don’t like fat on the female body, which is naturally cushioned with fat. Really, it’s a racket of genius proportions. Market the unattainable! I’ll wager today’s diet industry for women probably rivals (or surpasses) that of the weapons industry. War is war is war.

A woman would have to be dead to miss the barrage of media informing her about how her body should look. Men don’t like fat thighs, fat legs, fat arms, fat stomachs, fat necks…. (fat asses are still OK, but no cellulite). Looking at the ideal media standard of female beauty, men don’t like body hair, or sweat or female blood either. How many nude photos have you seen of sweaty women with hairy armpits, legs, and genitals, (yes, genitals; the panoptic photograph of the female body offers no privacy) or with any evidence of the messy female menstrual blood the patriarchs don’t want to acknowledge or see (because of it’s cyclic nature?). Though it’s OK making billions off of women to keep the secret hidden.

In America the standard of female beauty is fatless, hairless, colorless and ageless. Male culture fears and hates the aging female because it understands her power. She’s been there, and she knows. The ideal age standard for the sexual female gets progressively younger so that girl children today are pressured and conditioned in early life to be sexually desirable to men, even if they don’t yet understand it. This is the one place, and for a very short time, where male culture empowers females, the very young, easily manipulated and impressionable adolescent or teenage girl. That empowerment is based on her sexual desirability, the female’s first responsibility to man.

It’s a mind game male culture imposes onto women that puts them out of balance, and keeps men in power. I call it psycho-sexual warfare. This civilized, modern day form of female sexual slavery has created the cruel and ironic situation where woman, primordial mother and nourisher of the human race, cannot feed herself without feelings of guilt or self condemnation.