On Blogging itself: Is Blogging broken?

Is Blogging Broken?

the red ant


David Risley, an iconical blogger, raises the question if blogging is broken and whether in the future, all good information will be locked behind the paywall.

The post is from 2011.  Looking back, he predicted correctly how sites will move to membership models.

A membership model is under consideration for P’kaboo and even for Honeymead books, too, but it will not follow the model of Scribd, where “membership” means the reader gets access to all paid content and the authors lose out on any royalties / profits they could have made.  This model is a definite no-no for us.

We’re also revising how we handle our FreeStuff, so please, while it’s all still the way it is, if you haven’t helped yourself to your share of free stories & winner novels,

clickmebutton to get your share.  Our free copies of winning novels are fast running out now.

I think, the…

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