Ecstasy: Humanity’s First Religion Part Two

Authentic, holistic ecstasy is not possible under patriarchy. 

Human history however, did not begin with the institutions of the Patriarchy. Early humanity related to the female sex and to itself in a vastly different way than it does today.

There is abundant archaeological evidence of the Goddess religion from early human cave-art, reliefs, sculptures, figurines, symbols, designs, tombs and temples that indicates the human race took the Goddess with it as humans migrated from Africa, where it all began, to populate the world. God as a Woman was a reality-religion; a vast, rich, widespread life and culture that appeared to have a strong hold on the human spirit; simply because human beings, women and men, clung to it for so very long. 

Maybe it was a female’s ability to miraculously create life from her body that made a woman appear to be magically Divine to the early human race. Children are a definite perk for the clan, since there is greater safety as well as greater production in numbers. 

(This is what fuels the male-driven anti-abortion movement in America today. Patriarchy still highly values the female’s ability to reproduce the ultimate unending resource for exploitation, a human being. The only divinity it sees in this however is the Holy Dollar, the ancient ongoing religion of the wealthy power-elite.)

Long before we came to that point, there was the Goddess, an organic, present moment, ecstatic human celebration of passionate, interconnected life that understood its place in the Universe, and rejoiced! Humanity in its happy youth was birthed, nourished, and guided by the human female. 

A woman’s body, and woman herself were seen as a link to the ecstatic life, which men and women experienced together. The ebb and flow of the moon tides and ocean tides, the seasons of birth, life and death that repeated themselves in a woman’s body were in the minds of a young humanity synonymous to the Earth herself, the great womb of all life. (This connection of the Earth to the female body would eventually be a point of deep condemnation in male religion, and is behind man’s ever present drive to conquer and control nature.)

It must have been awe-inspiring to humanity’s early children to see a woman’s body swell with life, give birth, and then provide life sustaining nourishment to that brand new life. Paternity was not a natural part of human consciousness, and was altogether absent from the race’s early thinking. A woman giving birth was proof enough of where a child came from. 

Perhaps before human beings clouded their minds and senses with commercialized mechanical living, a clear sighted humanity had an inborn psychic remembrance that every human life begins and revolves around the human woman. Which is still true today. Even a Wall Street Bankster has to first be born of a woman’s body before he can go on to fleece a whole nation.

Human language begins with the mother-child relationship. Ancient women-cultures in early humanity were the foundation of all social and cultural learning. Women were the hearth circles and the center of daily life. 

Woman; her body, her psyche, her soul is wired for relationship; purveyor of ecstatic life. Our eldest human relatives understood the strong position and leadership of women in human life and society, because they lived it.

It would be fascinating to see what humanity would have become, had it followed its first and longest religious impulse to see God as a Woman. 

Women had been leading, guiding, building, creating, moving human evolution for a vastly longer time than Patriarchy, the male dominated system of government, society and culture that historically excludes women, and is universal today.