People nowadays.

Everyone seems to know more than you. Everyone talks as though they could do better than you.

In this small, small world where every action of yours has the effect of a finger poking the first domino in the row, safety is never guaranteed and stories about comfort and assurance remain fictional. Look out the window. The world is out there waiting for you to come out, anticipating the greatest failure you will make and they’re all out there looking at you with eager eyes like an audience waiting for the curtains to unveil the first actor in a play; but, this audience is harsh. This audience is critical. This audience is always expecting more than what’s available to them. As you stand on that global stage, as you sing your heart out in front of a video camera, as you create art out of the ordinary, know that the whole audience will never agree. All of those theatregoers you try so hard to impress will never think what you do is what should be done and they will never understand how hard you worked, how long you practiced and how much you sacrificed for that approval, that nod of the head, that thumbs up from them. As a result you feel frustrated, incompetent and most often you feel like you’re not good enough.

Then again, what’s enough?

Enough is when you realise the audience, all those theatregoers you try to please when you’re performing your act, your solo, when you own the spotlight and see in front of you that the seats of where those people are supposed to sit on, are now mirrors. Just mirrors. You look closely and rub your eyes thinking you’re in a dream but when the mirrors glint and the reflected light catches your attention once again, you become aware that there’s no audience.

And, even if there was an audience, the only pair of eyes that observes your every move should be yours.

What good enough is, can only be defined by you. Not a university, not an organisation and not even your friends and family. The stage is yours and you only have yourself to impress. So don’t back down from the fear that leaves you hesitant and doubtful about everything you do; because, it is never meant to be there in the first place.