Gone, But NOT Forgotten!

Today I am feeling very ‘down in the dumps’. The catalyst for this feeling; being stolen from.

This incident is the first time in nearly two years of living here in Madrid, that I have had anything stolen from me.

Today, some nasty little thief decided to break that ‘record’, as everyone I know here has had something stolen from them. Now, I am officially part of that ‘victim of crime’ gang.

And what did they steal? My God damn train pass, and, from right under my nose!!

This might seem an inconsequential crime. It is only a train pass after all, and believe me, for that I am THANKFUL; it could have been FAR worse!!!! Yet, as a vigilant and cautious person who always ensures I do what I can to prevent theft, this minor crime has really ‘got me’!!!!!!

This theft could have been prevented too, if there had been an option to immediately contact the Madrid Metro staff, rather than having to physically locate them! Bear in mind the staff in question were only two metres away from me, but, sitting inside a back room out of view. They couldn’t see what was transpiring inside the station.

Now, I am left with no choice but to pay once more for another train pass, while Madrid Transport decide if I am entitled to a reimbursement of my stolen pass.

What adds insult to injury is that this train pass was the first of its kind I have purchased, AND, it was a gift from my boyfriend. Travel passes are expensive, especially for someone like me who has just begun working, and only works part time.

Every penny counts for me, living in a city isn’t cheap! This week too, I had personal plans arranged, not only work to attend to, but social events, stuff I was looking forward to! However, now that I have no spare money, as I will have to pay for another pass, I have to cancel these plans.

So, this theft impacts further!!!!

Yet, even THIS dark cloud has a silver lining. I may have been stolen from today, BUT, a stranger did try to help me. This stranger saw my distress, and stopped his journey just to help me translate English into Spanish for the Metro staff. He helped, and he didn’t have to. The Metro staff were also friendly too, and helpful; it isn’t their fault they have to work within the confines of a ridiculous complaint procedure, which, like everything else here in Spain, takes time, time and more time!

Spain is NOT known for it’s speed of resolution, ease of procedure or consumer friendliness. Bureaucracy, complication, unhelpfulness and limited time in the week for customers to actually speak to individuals if they have issues, adds up to an inefficient and often useless customer service/ complaint procedure!

I doubt I shall get the resolution I want, but I will try.

So, I feel ‘down in the dumps’, deflated and disgruntled; but I shall live to fight and moan about another day. Live and learn!!! Oh, and hopefully karma WILL bite the bottom of the thieving creature who stole MY train pass!!!