It was a beautiful Saturday morning, a morning where you know that you have beautiful people around you. These mornings are rare where you ponder upon some realities of life, some aspects of it and start reflecting on it. It was a normal Saturday, I was in my room, with one of my roommates who was studying for her law paper, finishing my OR assignment. Since I got back to college from a month long vacation, I did not have a chance to be with myself and listen to what my mind had to say about things happening.

Being back to college always meant more time with everybody else and less time for me. A barrier between my mind and my heart created, which meant no self-realization, no time for cleansing the soul, no improvement nothing but an obstacle. However, that Saturday was the perfect day for all the catching up to do with myself. Hearing my friend talk about how even law cannot punish the liars sometimes I was thinking to myself “why do we care so much about the liars in our life?”

When people close to us lie, we are deeply affected and I ask why? Why does it hurt so much when someone is lying? Don’t you think lying to others means fooling oneself? A lie told to others means we do not want to hear the truth ourselves. When people lie about themselves always remember, lie is the truth we don’t like about ourselves and about the things we don’t want to acknowledge.

So now, tell me when others lie to us, why should it affect us? Lying is escaping and not facing the truth. A liar is a coward, who does not want to face the reality and who is weak but letting it concern us makes you one. We need more strength to listen to the truth than to tell it. So why let liars distress you when you have the courage to listen to any truth.

The weaker we are the harder it becomes to hear the lie. We are not affected by the liar or the lie told to us, we are just affected by the fact that we have become weak hearing the lie. So next time when someone lies to you don’t care about the lie instead make yourself stronger. Being stronger is easier than being the victim. Forgive and forget the lies because life is beautiful and so are you.