Something Personal

This is my first shot at blogging. I can be a word snob, and I’m not drawn to the word blog; it’s not at all pretty or exotic, although it slides off the tongue easily enough.

What I like about this kind of communication is there’s a strong element of the personal in it, and personal makes it human, even capable of error. Opinions are personal, and everyone has a different one, which makes life colorful and attractive. Blogging is loaded with personal opinions.

This is not the first time I’ve written feminist articles, though. I’ve been doing that long enough to have developed a recurring dream I often have when an article is published: 

I am walking in a crowded mall and suddenly I realize I am naked; then I begin a frantic search for cover that lasts until I wake up.

That’s a classic image of vulnerability, don’t you think? I do not protest an entrenched and powerful force like the Patriarchy without trepidation. Perhaps humanity has a collective soul memory we can tap into if we are receptive; and I’m remembering something deep, something that goes back a long long time, and it makes me uncomfortable.

Still, I am compelled to write to you because I feel related to you. If there is anything my journey back into Female Religion has brought to me it is a sense of Oneness with all life. And so this is really why I keep writing, to tell you about it. Or maybe it’s just to help get it off my chest and make me feel better, because this blog serves that purpose too. Mostly I am writing to you because I am also remembering something unimaginably hopeful, a new (yet very old) world view I am urgent to communicate. If there is one word I could use to sum it all up for you, it would be relationship. It’s the word I just can’t get out of my mind.

Picture a man and a woman standing together.

The man speaks first. “I think, therefore I am.” he says.

Then the woman speaks. “I relate, therefore I am.”

It’s the remembrance of that inevitable relationship all sentient life is starving for today, and which patriarchy has taken away. It’s like hungering for Mother’s Milk, and getting Diet Pepsi.