There Was No Sexual Revolution Part 2

What women wanted from the so-called Sexual Revolution of the 1970s, and what men gave them were two vastly different things. Women wanted ownership of their sexual and birth-giving selves. They wanted to define their own sexuality, not have it rigidly defined for them by men. Brave women tried to cast off the male colonizer and determine their female sexuality and their lives according to how their own souls directed them.

Sigmund Freud talked a lot about the male libido, but I believe it was women’s collective sexual energy and force that moved human consciousness at that time back toward the female principle of relationship. America’s social movement that began in the Sixties was a human evolution towards an open-relational, prehistoric-pagan consciousness of Universal Oneness.

All this goosey warm relationship is toxic to patriarchy because at its root this male institution splits, by force, the fundamental male and female human relationship. People scratch their heads wondering how humanity could have come to a place where war is peace and terror looms around every street corner. Sadly, the Patriarchy’s operations of power are embedded in the collective human mind to the point that everyone thinks a dangerous, violent, terrifying world is just the way things are.

Female sexuality for profit was the human male’s first wealth generating excursion into the world of capitalism, where he would eventually come to rule over not just women, but his entire world. Real sexual liberation was out of the question because patriarchy is defined by its ownership and domination of female sexuality. Instead, female sexuality was liberalized and poured out upon the public in social forms that served rather than challenged the status quo of male control.