Ecstasy: Humanity’s First Religion Part 1

In earlier attempts to start up a blog I published this article elsewhere, so I am re-posting it because it’s the start of a whole series.


If I were to ask you what is ecstasy you might tell me it was an illegal designer drug, or a pay-per-view porno channel on satellite TV; the twenty-first century’s fake commercial substitute for the real thing.

In today’s work-spend-consume culture humans have lost touch with real ecstasy. Let’s not confuse ecstasy with happiness, which can be found in a gourmet chocolate or a luxury cruise, short-lived modern ecstasies you can purchase anytime, if you have the credit or the cash.

Real ecstasy is passionate Cosmic Life being aware of itself in form. People, animals, plants, insects, forests, mountains, suns, moons and stars, whole galaxies are the vastly, eternally interconnected forms in which ecstatic, passionate life consciously expands, and knows itself. Ecstasy is the unavoidable consequence of being; humanity’s original, indigenous state.

A woman’s body is biologically constructed to be the bridge that connects humanity to this energy, the ecstatic, passionate Cosmic Soul.

Unique to all mammals except for a few primates, the human female developed the menstrual cycle, making non-reproductive sexual union possible between a woman and a man. Unlike the quadrupeds and brute animals whose reproductive lives are dictated by the estrus, or “heat” cycle where sexual activity only occurs with reproduction, the human female has marked herself as distinct among all others.

In the course of her biological, physical, emotional and spiritual evolution woman herself adopted autonomous choice concerning her body, sexuality and reproductive capabilities through the development of this monthly cycle. In doing so she distinguished the species as being separate from the beasts, making it truly and distinctly, human.

This woman-created evolutionary leap is the foundation of all human relationship, beginning with the primary bonding of woman and man. Face to face, eye to eye interpersonal sexual union which isn’t necessarily reproductive, opened the door for profound human communication, physical and emotional bonding and human love; all vehicles of ecstasy.

If ecstasy is the aboriginal state of human beings, how is it our world today is seemingly void of peace (a side effect of true ecstasy) and filled with suffering and pain?

Where did all that ecstasy go?