There Was No Sexual Revolution Part One

imagesIf there had been a true Sexual Revolution in the 1960s and 70s, today Hugh Hefner would be wearing flannel pajamas and Larry Flynt would still be walking. These men wouldn’t be rich and famous because their female-sex empires would have perished, not burgeoned into the colossal institutions they have become today.

The social movement that began in the mid 1960s was a mass human effort to shuck off a longstanding anti-woman, anti-life, pro-male consciousness and rule, and women were the natural (the only) ones to start this revolution. The female body was the first sovereign “land” to be invaded by force, occupied and exploited by the human male.

The Women’s Liberation Movement was a catalyst and driving force behind the consciousness change humanity was struggling to achieve. At the same time homosexuality came out from the dark place it had been assigned to by male religion and culture, and began to be more universally accepted as a part of human sexuality. Civil rights, human, gay, animal, nature and earth rights became prominent issues in the minds of everyday mainstream people. The Environmental and Back to the Land Movements were born. All these were issues that moved humanity back into universal relationship, a Oneness with Itself that is the antithesis of the non-relational patriarchal system that has held women and all life within its iron grip for thousands of years.