Waste of time

Hello everyone in WP… 🙂
The 21st era that is known as the technological era and for sure nothing is possible without electronics and technology.If we have a glance in our surroundings so the first thing that we see is”light” i mean electricity that reaches in our home after covering thousands of miles after being converted in D.C.
The second thing that we see is”Computer and Internet”that has made our lives easy and in fact it has made us slaves.We are happy that our works are easier and we don’t have to worry but we have lost a lot of things too.It is something food for thought that have we ever thought of our family????
Do we remember the last time when we had the lunch together with family??? No
I really feel sorry to say that we are indulged in our works so much that we forget that we have a family behind too.
Most students,teenagers and children are 24 hours connected with Facebook,Twitter,Skype,Whats app and etc,,,,But their parents ask them nothing.Thousand of strangers are added in their friends list that are completely unknown,making friends with fake IDs,,,,chatting with strangers till late night,it may be comfortable for those who don’t care for their dignity and respect.
If we compare our era with 18th century and 19th century so we find them stronger and energetic because they worked hard in fields,they used herbs and shrubs for treatments of their diseases.But now we are stuck with the Social media and we don’t have time for other things.
Not negatively if we take the social media positively so it has helped us in many ways but we have taken it negatively.
Posting bad pictures and tagging the strangers is not a good habit,,This social media has destroyed the youth of every nation.We have two options whether we should fight with it or we should accept it.
Thank Y0u 🙂
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