coverIn the third year of Cyrus, King of Persia, 536 B.C., the Angelic hosts of Heaven faced great opposition from demonic forces in the heavenly realms. Those fallen angels that once stood side by side with their angelic brothers and that rebelled against God’s authority were now under the leadership of Satan, or as ancient scriptures have made known to us: “The Accuser” of man. For centuries, the heavens shook with war from these super powers, good and evil, for territory and the advancement of God’s children on earth to be reconciled back to the Father through a Savior our Lord Jesus Christ. In the interest of Satan, after his fall, many demons were captured and imprisoned to await final judgment while others remained free to roam and were crowned with titles in their demonic order, from foot soldiers to Kings . . . Moreover, earthly territories were given unto them in the spiritual realms. During Cyrus’ reign, the angel Gabriel was held for twenty one days by the Prince of Persia, (a demon) and detained under guard by the King of the Persian empire in the spiritual realm (another demon), in an attempt to prevent the prayers of the prophet Daniel from being answered. Gabriel was released with the help of one of the chief Princes the Archangel Michael; Prince of Israel, Daniel 10:13. After the defeat of Satan and the angels that fell with him, four hundred years later by our Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary, the spiritual conflict has reached its peak here on earth. The children of God continue to labor for the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven. Even now, after centuries of the veil being open to the children of God by our Lord and Savior, there are still those who remain captive by these spiritual forces unaware of their freedom, unaware of their identity in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Now, in our days, the battle has intensified against those that are the chosen children of God and those that are predestine to enter the kingdom of heaven . . . Therefore now, with the aid of the Holy Spirit and the Angelic warriors of the armies of God, there is one among us with the fire of God that burns within his mortal body to relight the flame of faith that was lost beneath the centuries of division of the body of Christ.