Not a Disclaimer, A Gentle Warning

In this set of articles I am speaking out against patriarchy, not men. Every seasoned feminist at least once in her life is called a man-hater. In other words, if a woman defends her own sex, she must hate men. Think about that.

I don’t know any feminist that hates men. I don’t hate men. Men have always been some of my favorite people. What I hate is patriarchy. For five thousand years this system of government by men has forced a consciousness of male supremacy on the populace of the planet. I have a problem with that because I believe that break in a fundamental human relationship has brought humanity to the edge of extinction.

Of the men in my life, none are rapists or bloodthirsty warriors or despots striving for absolute control. Still it can’t be denied the world appears to be ruled by that deeply unbalanced, unnatural consciousness today.

Patriarchy means Father Rule, which is where the original problem begins. The rule part of Father Rule has always been accomplished through violence and force, starting with women.

What I write is a contemplative criticism of patriarchal man, his culture and government, his wars, his long history of rape, his striving for domination and power. (This is the gentle warning that’s not a disclaimer.)

As a woman, I am the collective human female partner of the collective human male. Like every woman, I’ve been there, I know, and I’m ready to talk. I think you’ll find this blog is really about relationship, and how humanity can make the critical return.

I’ve been wanting to say this for a long, long time and I hope I speak for more than just myself.