Dissecting Patriarchy

The 1% vs. the 99. A visual.

The 1% vs. the 99. A visual.

Patri-Father. Archy-Rule. Patriarchy-Father Rule.

Language can reveal hidden truths. Being a writer, naturally I’m in love with words. I like to take them apart, get down to their deepest roots. It’s why I only use old dictionaries when I write. They are rich with information about words. New dictionaries are censored. My MacBook Pro dictionary has the word God, but doesn’t have Goddess. It doesn’t have the word patriarchy (it’s a Big Secret) but it does have the word patriarch. But no matriarch. Those who control the symbols of language, control human consciousness too.

Let’s look at the word hierarchy, a win-lose-power-over system that defines the patriarchal structure. My 1900 Webster’s International Dictionary says its root meaning is: sacred, holy, government by priests or other clergy, an obvious reference to the Church, a major strong-arm of patriarchal power and control. It seems reasonable to assume the patriarchy’s hierarchal operations of power originated in male religious institutions, with the Father God in the Sky being at the Top. And who can argue with God?

The word “patriarchy” is easily dissected. I’ve been thinking a lot about the “arch” part of patriarchy. Imagine an arch. Wide at the bottom, gradually getting smaller as it reaches the top.

The definition of the word arch is major, or number one. Historically the most violent, aggressive, acquisitive men who owned, built, used and sold the perpetual war machine have risen to the top of the arch. So, today we have the One percent. Versus the ninety-nine.

That’s how patri-ARCHY has always worked. The individual urge for acquisition, domination and private self-empowerment through perpetual war (once again, starting with women) has resulted in the massive inordinate accumulation of resources, wealth and power for a relatively few men at the arch’s lofty top. The One percent. The Patriarchs.

Through millennia of violent, aggressive accumulation today these men jealously hold the world’s booty, and fate, in their greedy bloodstained hands. Through massive corporate sponsored lobbying (a polite, cosmetic word for plain bribery) capitalism today has come to mean the private ownership of industry, trade and the United State’s government.