Dark Matter, Dark Mother




galaxy picture 3OK, I’m no scientist, this needs to be established from the start. I first learned about dark matter in a Meryl Streep movie. Until then I’d never even heard of dark matter, though scientists have been more than curious about it for over fifty years.

In my case, I think not being a scientist is an advantage. I can cut through the arcane scientific vernacular that I’ve had to plod through in my own personal research; sparing you the boring, exotic mathematical theories and formulas that prove dark matter exists, and get down to the real heart and soul of it from an ordinary person’s point of view.

Simply put, dark matter is an invisible subatomic matter that permeates everything. It’s the intergalactic glue that holds the universe together. If there are boundaries to outer space, dark matter reaches to the ends of them, passing through everything unseen and unaffected, and yet all life is dependent upon it. Picture dense, plodding, heavy, universal matter like you and I being actually made of an infinite invisible dark substance, the basis of all universal life.

Maybe it’s me, but did science just prove there is a God? For much of my life I’ve been looking for God in all the wrong places, and I know the generic definition of God. And dark matter is it. Creative, omnipotent, omnipresent, even the God-like element of love is there; dark matter binding everything together in a relationship of one. For what is love, if not relationship?

When I look at the pictures of the glittering galaxies simmering with life within the dark invisible substance, it looks to me like a swirling, irradiated, amniotic soup. A universal sonogram, echoing an eternally repeated theme. Even the stars of the immeasurable universe forever mimic what happens in a woman’s body deep within the dark matter of her womb, right here on Planet Earth; an apparent cosmological constant.

What does it mean? Throughout time humanity has looked to the picture-book of stars overhead, pondering its meaning, and finding people, animals, objects, messages, and insight. So is the Universe really telling us, I Am a Woman? That’s what I see. Then what I’ve been convinced of for some time now, turns out to be true. Scientific man has proven it: God is a Woman. Dark Matter, Dark Mater, Dark Mother.

Go ahead, laugh. Say it’s a cosmic leap. I don’t care. I think I’m onto something. In 1951 scientists discovered that all mammalian life starts out female, but is that a big scientific headline today? No. It took a woman 10 years later to dig up that important fact and give it a little publication. So of course I’m not expecting the traditionally fraternal scientific community to interpret dark matter as empirical proof that God is a Woman, even though for thousands of years humanity has accepted that God is a Man on pure faith, with no scientific backing whatsoever, not even a provocative outer space picture like I have.

But what I didn’t expect was this. MACHOs, WIMPs, EROS and OGLE? These are the acronyms scientists have come up with while navigating their way through the dark mysteries of matter.

Modern man may have billion dollar telescopes to hone his outer space vision, but he’s forever looking through the same tired old lens.

Translate: Macho-Man. Wimp-Woman. Historically, machos and wimps make a win-lose team.

Then there’s Eros and Ogle. Here, all you need do is take a walk down the magazine isle at Barnes and Noble and you’ll see how Eros and Oogling dominate the thoughts (and pocketbooks) of earthbound man.

The message is clear: It’s not only a man’s world we live in, it’s a man’s universe as well.

My vision of a creative, relational, wholistic, ever-changing, ever-birthing, ever-growing, ever- nurturing Female Universe is framed by modern day science in language representing the same mad old fight of big vs. little, male vs. female, winning vs. losing.

None of this is new. For millennia everything human has been interpreted from a male perspective, from a machos and wimps point of view. Why do you think I’m searching the distant cosmos for something different?

But if what the stars reveal to my naked eye is really true; that the basis, nature and consciousness of life is a female energy of relationship, then for five thousand years humanity has been going in the opposite direction. Persistent war, pandemic violence, government corruption; the behemoth corporate entity; stupid and deadly with the greed of winning, even the 1 per cent vs. the 99 all make a perverse kind of sense. They’re a natural outcome of a huge mistake.

Through the years I’ve developed a lens of my own to view life through here on Planet Earth; one that filters out and looks beyond the macho-wimp-win-lose way of thinking.

For example. When I learned that Weakly-Interactive-Massive-Particles can be detected deep within the body of the earth, it made perfect sense. It’s easy to see how the potent female energy would be lodged womb-like within the Great Mother Earth; ever-creating, birthing, changing, evolving….

And guess what? It may be a cosmic joke on Earthlings, but science is saying Wimps are winning in outer space over the Machos as being candidates for that dark, magical, imperceptible, win-win matter that takes everything in, leaves nothing out, and links it all together.

If I’m brutally honest with myself I must admit I’m as shamelessly biased by my own world view as the scientists are by theirs. When I peer into the universe decoding the stars and planets for answers I can’t find here on earth, I won’t be looking for machos, wimps, eros, or oogle. I would much rather view life as a Cosmic Community, not a never-ending contest of win versus lose.

I’ll be looking for and finding something new. Something breathtakingly hopeful. Dark Matter, Dark Mater, Dark Mother.

I think the Universe is speaking. She’s telling us something Big.