The new Thora Birch film review (erotic story – explicit content)

So just the other day I heard there was a new film out at the local independant cinema directed and written by Thora Birch. I had heard good reviews of the film which was entitled seven ardous days. I got to the cinema around five in the afternoon, hoodie and jeans, no bullshit. Ordered an apricot n apple juice and a pesto and goats cheese pizza. I was all on my own and I felt hurt and vunerable because my girlfriend had shouted at me, told me I was useless and horrid n she had been cheating on me with one of my good friends. I did not want to talk to anyone and I certainly did not want to drink as I was worried I may attack the man we broke over, and also I wanted to avoid taking any illicit substances. I sat down and ate, drank my juice and I ate my pizza, I went to see the film, I was going to reflect on my opinions of my viewing but then one of the cinema staff (whos form and smile I had always appreciated) stopped me before I walked out, she asked me if I wanted a quick drink with a warm welcoming innocent smile that awoke thoughts of moist, sensual amazing sex (you know like making babies kinda shit). She was called Jackie. I followed her upstairs as if I was a good muslim wife that would do as I was told as long as there was a slight hint of cleavage or panties in the air. Half an hour later she had convinced me to drink found double gin and tonics, as I had been sensable lately, I was vairly tipsy by now. She invited me to a party at her place, she said there were gonna be six of her friends, just chilling, drinking, having fun. I assumed I was in some kind of other realm, as I was just a poor lad who lived in social housing, nothing much ever really happened. Her house was only round the corner, so we walked there together and I told her my ex girlfriend was mean to me, she gave me a lovely soft hug and smiled, whilst reaching on arm to open the door to her house. We walked along through the hall, into a large room, very minimal, three large sofas. There was calm, tranquil electronic music playing. The first girl I saw had brown hair, she said “hey come sit here” I turned to Jackie and she nodded. Jackie said “I’ll go get us a drink”. The other five girls all began kissing each other, my cock got pretty hard but I am kinda shy allot of the time so this was all very overwealming. The girl I sat next to, pushed me firmly into the sofa and kissed me and caressed me head in the most beautifull way, she then stood me up and dragged me back an we continued to kiss, I suddenly felt something metal and sharp against my throat, Jackie had a knife on me. She said very sternly and with little care “were all going to fuck you, look at your feet” at my feed some redhead had some bolt clippers hovered correctly by my toes “if you kick, scream or make a fuss, she will cut your toe off, understand!” I imagined my self in some kind of action film escape routine, but the truth was, all I could do was look to the floor and say “ok” with tears on the edge of the word. They hit me in the head several times and pushed me to the floor. They had all got strap on dildos of various sizes, and I dont think they had any lubricant. One by one they fucked my ass while I just lay as if I was dead on the floor, every now and then they would hit me in the back of the head and laugh while they demanded I paid them various compliments on how beautiful or amazing or brilliant they all were as unique and independant individuals. This went on untill the light of the new day had come by in the window. I was huddled on the sofa in a child pose with vomit, drool and tears by my face. And the other end I had shat and pissed myself several time. I was too afraid to scream or shout so I just cried and whimpered as if a beatenand hunted fox. After that Jackie offered me a ride home, I said “ok” just as I had the previous evening. She dropped me home and she let me give her a hug before I returned to my flat. I showered, then I cried for several hours, I thought if I called the police it would be impolite and inconsiderate as they probably have more important things to do. I have never seen a film since, I hope I never will