How Not To Live Your Life

We are all guilty of it, everyday of our lives; second guessing the decisions made by other people and ourselves.

“What did she do that for?” “That decision sucked!” “I wouldn’t do it that way!” “Perhaps I was wrong?” “Take my advice, I know what I’m talking about.”

It is almost as though once we face a decision we become suddenly afraid, frail, unsure and unconvinced of our own knowledge, understanding and experience. Automatically we seek the approval of others, who readily dissuade us, ordinarily, from our first instincts. People, when asked what they think, suddenly become experts on you and your life. Yet, these very same people haven’t a clue about themselves or their own lives!

So, WHY ask them for their self formed opinions?! They only confuse the situation further! How do they know what is wrong and what is right for you?!

We aren’t idiots, are we?

We know what we want, but we are trained to deny it. We are, by nature, cautious. Yet, if we don’t decide something at sometime, how can we progress, how can we live our life?

Maybe we defer the decision making process so if it all goes wrong, we can blame another for the choice made. It easier after all, not to be responsible for something as potentially damaging as a wrong decision. That is if a wrong decision does indeed exist, because I doubt it does.

How can anyone live a life in fear of making a decision, whatever the consequence?

Who can claim that they have all the answers to a decision anyway? Or, that their answers are even the right ones?! Well, it isn’t a stranger, it isn’t our friends, it isn’t our parents and it isn’t our lovers. It is only you who has the answers you require; you, the person you deem to be too stupid, idiotic and ill equipped to decided on the most important thing, your own life!

What about making those fearful mistakes though? There are no mistakes, it is merely part of the learning curve. We all risk, gamble and float our assets on life’s stock exchange; there really is no other choice! Life is always going to try its luck, and attempt to throw us off balance and watch our reaction.

Such is life!!!

Yet, it is our life though, our reactions, our decisions, our own individual and connected self that counts.

How not to live your life? Don’t distrust who you are and what you want, in favour of another person’s opinion, desire, thoughts, whims or whatever else! That is NO way to live! Start afresh, start believing in you, because you have all the answers you will ever need! You can do it, you can live your own life!

Trust yourself 🙂