A is for android “Androids can be sexy too”

B is for boob “I love them very much”

C is for citizen “Are citizens frequently legitimate?”

D is for dumb “I am not, completely”

E is for ear “I could be listening, however I am usually distracted with other thoughts”

F is for fuck “The first and also the last thing on my mind”

G is for goat “Perhaps they chew too much”

H is for hate “If hate is a strong word, does this mean I am strong?”

I is for insult “Such is life”

J is for jelly “Bring the cake”

K is for kilo “A measurement of weight”

L is for lip “Lips are not only for talking”

M is for money “Is there enough”

N is for nothing “An expression of nothing makes it something”

O is for obvious “Yes it is”

P is for penis “I am sorry”

Q is for quorn “I have phases”

R is for restoration “Spare parts, one previous owner”

S is for spoon “A useful culinary implement, sexual position for when several others have already been utilised so the parts are working but the body’s not moving”

T is for toon “abbreviation for cartoon, also a lazy term for a traditional animation character”

U is for udders “Don’t you know where milk comes from?”

V is for Viper “Out of my price range, can’t drive anyway”

W is for Wally “Where?”

X is for xerox “Why?”

Y is for yellow “Mellow yet piss is more orange brown”

Z is for zen “A Japanese school of buddhism”