This Is What It Feels Like

What they told you about college life while growing up was as if a fairy tale to you. You wanted to hear it repeatedly so that you could play it over your mind before you could go to sleep. Being in college would mean freedom, life without any restrictions, friends, party, fun and every possible thing you could never do while in high school. However, what they did not tell us was that college would suck our blood.

They did not tell us how judgmental this world would be and college would be a mini world for us.  Making new friends would be terrifying because everybody would think you are weird is what we are not told. You are strange because you dare to be different. In my opinion, every human being is different but this is no reason to label you as a weirdo.

People do not want to be your friend because you do not belong to the local place and you come from a different country or a state. You are not a competition for them because you are not capable. When asked why are not you capable? The answer is quite simple and clear; you are not one among them.

However, what he or she fails to understand is no other person is a competition to you. YOU are your own competition. I do not play to win others; I play to break my own record. What we do not understand is being different is not bad. Being different is a gift. Not everyone possesses this gift of being different in a world full of people who copy each other. If you are different, consider yourself special.

Do not be afraid when people think twice to be your friend. You are your own best friend. Others are just putting their hands forward to accompany you in your short journey. When they reach their destination, it is time to say a goodbye and meet somebody else. Haters are going to hate but befriending them and being nice to them is your kindness. When you are nice with others, don’t you feel the positivity that encircles you? How often are we kind to others? If we are not yet kind often, we should start being.

Remember nobody is interested in knowing who you were yesterday. Everybody is curious to know what you are today and what will you become tomorrow.  Therefore, why don’t we focus on our present rather than bragging about yesterday’s achievement?  We have not seen anybody’s past and neither should we be interested. Why we are still stuck up about how others have been living their life? Our entire college life we spend thinking how we will knock him or her out, how I will surpass her, how I will take them down, how I will make their life a living hell.

However, what we do not see is by doing this we are wasting our most important three years. After three years, all we take is memories rather than all these emotional baggage. Pick the baggage up and throw it because it is not worth all the pain.

All you got to remember is you are strong and beautiful no matter what life throws at you. If 10 people like you, 100 more will hate you. However, those 100 should not be of any value to you because you are your own best and the worst critic. You are your best judge. “No one has the right to make you feel inferior without your consent.” So next time people say they hate you just know that they do not hate you but your nerve to be different. And being different is being special J

This is what actually feels like to be in college but alas we are not told about this while growing up!