Feel Beautiful Every Day

By Michealle Praveen Mukhia
imagesWe women love to forgo our happiness for other members of the family or for our friends and satisfaction for a woman is being there for her family and friends but while playing the role of a mother, sister, wife, daughter and lover she no longer remembers that happiness is feeling beautiful about herself.
Being who she is in this critical world is the biggest gift she can give and take. She still manages to come out as a winner even after all the criticism she faces every day. Even in grave situation she manages to put a smile on her face, even when the world tears her flesh apart she remains calm and strong and this is what makes her beautiful.
So women out there here’s the things to do which will make you more confident and will definitely make you feel good about yourself.

1.Dine Alone
“Dining alone is the scariest thing ever “is a myth and ladies it’s time we break it. Go out to a fine dining place where the ambience is great and the food is mouth-watering. Great food is always the savior of the day. Dining alone gives you a feeling that someone amazing enjoys your company and that someone is YOU.

2.Don’t Be Afraid Of Heartbreaks
The day you stop caring about heartbreaks is the day you will start living. Who is not afraid of heartbreaks? However, does that mean we stop loving? Being anxious about heartbreak is just another reason not to love oneself completely. When you, yes you missy, stop caring about being hurt again you will start to notice beautiful little things people do for you. So give as much love you can because if you survived the first heartbreak you will survive the rest as well.

3.Live In The Moment
What we eat today is only for today then why do we care to live for tomorrow. Always remember if you live in the moment you will live every day. One fine day there will not be a tomorrow in our lives so why keep that magical moment for tomorrow, which may never come. Living in the moment will make you feel good about now which will only bring happy moments.

4.Forgive and Forget
Forgiving those who hurt you is good but forgetting them is better. Forgive them today so that you can forget them fast. The more you hold on to this the more difficult it becomes to forget. So, forgive and forget makes you stronger and feel beautiful.

5.Fall in Love
Nothing makes you feel more beautiful than loving someone deeply .I love this line from a song “He’s my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds”
It is always a good feeling to know that you love someone and that someone loves you back.

6.Shop for yourself and others too
No therapy is better than shopping and women know this. We usually shop for ourselves and forget others but trust me the contentment you get by shopping for others is way less than when you shop for yourself. That beam on your grammas face and that bear hug from your sibling when you gift them for no occasion is priceless.

7.Feel Beautiful
Nothing will make you beautiful unless you feel beautiful. There will be days of gloom but that should not take the beautiful smile away from our face. The happier you feel the more beautiful you look. Be happy because you are only one of its kinds and no one can ever be like you. Feeling is very powerful and it takes you to wonderland.