Teachings of the Lone Traveller – II

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust


Well said I would say!  We have already gathered that traveling is rather enlightening. Indeed it is. Traveling alone is like finding yourself again. Learning more about yourself. Now , having known that fact, what about others? Is it necessary to travel alone to know yourself? Can’t you enlighten yourself when with company yet be a lone traveler?

After some thinking I came to a conclusion. YES. Come to think of it. You travel with a group of known people. You know them . But it is only when you travel together, stay together in different places, away from home and out of your comfort zones that you really come to know that person more and more. It is then when you know wether your compatibility is a match or not.


When with company , you still are lost in you own thoughts , you are the Lone Traveler. You keep on thinking of taking your own way rather than with the rest of them. You crave to be left alone. Thats when you know what you exactly want.  You want the journey with those people but also with yourself. Its a tough quest but those who overcome it have really learnt valuable lessons on the journey. After that the end of the journey tastes more sweet.

So get ready and get going. The world is your oyster.