Without You

Change is inevitable and no matter how much we try, we cannot stand against the time and change. Nobody has ever been able to avoid the changes brought into their life and I am among that nobody.

Changes and I never ever get along. I avoid changes as if a student tries to avoid teachers when homework not done. When a chapter comes to an end we do not go back to reading it repeatedly, instead we move forward to the next chapter. Similarly, when one chapter of life is over we move forward to the next and for me change is this. Change for me is letting go of the life you currently live. In 20 years of my life, I have made many changes in my life, some for good and very less for the worse. However, mind you changes are mostly for the good. We do not see any good in a change when we want it the least but in near future we will always thank ourselves for taking the right decision.

Though changes scare, I always tell myself that change is not a risk it is a challenge. A change challenges you to do something out of your comfort zone. We being the typical one doing something out of comfort zone are the biggest task for us. Not being comfortable with the change, we do not do things, which might have changed our lives forever. Each passing day i accept change as my new challenge. However, today when i come to think of him not being around me after few years I am not ready for it. We all part for good after graduation and it is inevitable. Then I ask myself is this change worth it? Is it necessary that i have to accept the fact that we have to part?

It is no more a challenge but a risk for me not to have him around. While growing up I always thought biggest fear of a man is death but today after meeting him, I think the biggest fear of a man is to be lonely. Without you, I would be lonely because with you I feel whole. Jokes are no more jokes if you aren’t cracking it , I am no more myself if you aren’t there to correct me , my laughter is no more genuine if it isn’t you who is making me laugh and life isn’t beautiful if you aren’t in the frame.

However, the biggest paradox is you are unaware of the fact that you have changed my world from black and white to colorful, from ordinary to extraordinary, from frown to smiles and from just breathing to being alive. You have changed my world and I am glad you walked in to change it. Being with you is  a risk but after knowing life without you is more challenging, I am ready to take the risk.

To all those who accept of having someone in their lives whom they cannot seem to let go or see them go please let these people know. They deserve to know that you have let them change their life completely when you fear changes the most.