Male protagonists in books…

Hello, everyone!

I hope you’re all well, and I apologise that haven’t posted on here in a little while. I was just wondering whether any of you are attracted to specific types of main characters when you’re choosing a book to read, because in the recent days, I’ve been extremely turned off from male protagonists. I had no idea why until I really, deeply began to think about it. I came up with a conclusion, which you can find on my personal blog, “I just can’t keep my mind shut“, and I would love to know if anybody else faces these same issues. I love getting into the minds of other readers and writers, so comments and discussions welcome. I’d love it if you paid me a visit, as my site has been a little lonely in the recent days and needs lovers of writing just like yourselves to – well – show it some love.

Pay my blog a visit, and if you like it, please do follow it. I’ll be posting regularly from now on, so stay tuned! 🙂

– Karis