Will we have a future in Ireland?

I give up I truly do.

Most of my life I’ve put the emphasis on living. I was content to manage on my low wage. It was part of the problem that I never went back to college and got a degree, but on the other hand I’ve usually found an office that needed a worker.

For me, until now, the current recession only produced one problem, what to do with my extra time? Since being made redundant I’ve volunteered more, helped where I could and got on with my life. Writing has helped and I enjoy delving into the unknown depth of my imagination.

Now though we are to be hit where it hurts, health insurance has rocketed and even those of us good at managing are wondering what it will take for the point to sink in: we, lower income earners, living on less than 350 euros a week can only give so much.

Which leads me to a tricky announcement –  Irish people have had all of the rebellion sucked from them. We moan to one another but do nothing effective about this despotic government we have.

I have one last question to ask, am I the only Irish woman afraid to think about the future?