Dont Lose That Moment There

Every second, every minute is important we say. Every morning we get up and tell the person in the mirror that today I will make my day worthwhile. We promise ourselves that no matter what, we will make every moment a moment to remember because life is short and we all are temporary here.However, do we really keep this promise?  So do we really keep this simple promise made to ourselves when promises as big as New Year resolutions fail big time?

The answer to this question most of the time is a BIG no. No matter how much we try but we do fail at least once a day to keep this promise of living every moment and living in the moment. When our mind loses the connection with our heart and soul, we lose a moment there. What happens when we lose that moment with ourselves? Nothing massive but yeah we do lose out few seconds of happiness. Just like drops of water makes an ocean, seconds of happiness makes a man happy and content.

When a man loses his temper, when a man is angry with someone he does not technically get anything except a piece of mind after venting out his anger and frustration at everyone. However, what he does not know is every passing second he is losing himself. Anger takes you to a different level, a level beyond everything. That place is dark, where you do not see yourself anymore. It is the darkest side of life where you find no one but your soul all ALONE. You lose love, you lose respect, you lose family, you lose friends, and you lose EVERYTHING including yourself and all those moments of happiness.

So next time when you are red with rage always remind yourself to be calm.  You are not doing it for others but for yourself. You are doing it for that moment of happiness, which you might just lose because someone else was putting all the effort to get on your nerves.