Ladies Night!

Rocking our hips

To every song that we love,

Tooting that thing

To every beat that was club,

Reminiscing to the music

That holds memories,


At each other’s past tendencies,

Stealing the night

From every chick in the spot,

The DJ shouts us out

From the booth up top,

All the guys

Keep their eyes looking our way,

Dreaming of putting us to bed, like J. Holiday,

The dream

Is left for their thoughts, never reality,

We are ladies always first,

Moment of clarity.

Grabbed by the hand

For us to come to VIP,

Our nights, are worthy of a show on MTV.


Leave the spot, escorted to the car.

Heels stay on, model walk, no matter how far.


Is never present when spoken to,

When dealing with cool people

No need to,

Around the way girls

With confident attitudes,

Never cocky, always humble, pointless in being rude,

Kick the heels off in the car, time to talk,

About how much our feet hurt on that walk,

Good times

With good people, my every weekend reality,

Might have a light drink but always lots of fun

When you naturally have a great personality,

It’s the ride home,

But enjoying life is never over,

Ladies night is a must have,

Even as we get older.

-Shanice Nicole