What you Contribute?

You are a somebody. You are a nobody. No matter what you do , how you do. What matters is what you contribute. 

You are educated or you are not. You work or you stay at home. What matters is how you make your house a home. 

You are a working woman or a housewife. What matters is how contribute to your family. 

You are at home or at work . What matters is how your child learns from you and respects you still and loves you. 

You are old and fragile. What matters is what you contribute by your presence in your family. The values and heritage which only you can pass on. 

You are a child or an adult. What matters is what your peers see in you and what you contribute in your surroundings. 

You are a teacher or an actor. What maters is what others learn from your actions. 

No matter where you are, who you are. There is always something which you can contribute. Don’t think you are a nobody. Every person in this world has something to contribute.