My butt hurts from cycling today. It was neither what I expected to happen nor the cause of the pain. I rented it for the term so I could travel more easily and faster, compared to walking. I’ve tasted a hint of walking to the university campus and it wasn’t the right choice of me, considering that I have extremely poor time management and stellar haste powers which usually leads to me panting like a thirsty dog on a sultry day. 

I don’t like panting like a thirsty dog on a sultry day, especially not in England. It’s cold here; and, when I sweat, I get the chills from the numbingly cold wind. You know how asian parents ban you from standing under a fan after you sweat a lot because you might get a cold? Yes, exactly.

In addition to that, I am lazy to walk long distance. My usual excuse would be ‘so far la’. I would emphasise on the word ‘so’ like any Malaysian, dragging its pronunciation to make it sound like ‘SOOOOOOOOOO far la’. So, I thought the bike would be beneficial to me; but, I had not thought it would benefit me in some ways. For example, I have very weak quads, in relative to Ryan who coolly cycled past me on the bike lane and had the nerve to glance at me with a cheeky smirk although we agreed he would cycle behind me to protect his loaf of bread which he tied onto my backseat. 

I would say that the loaf of bread was ‘kicking in the back seat’.

I just cracked a joke. Hopefully you would laugh at it, or me. Good night!