“WANTED….Real men and women of God”


What is your title…today?  What defines a “Real man or woman of God?” Is it because we go to the church every chance we get or every Sunday and humble ourselves to hear the spoken word of God…in that moment? Or maybe it’s gathering with other “Christians” and sharing a good bible study that energizes our faith…for that moment. Perhaps doing a good deed or being nice and friendly, or polite to people, therefore by our actions those that see would develop this desire to serve God as we suppose to? How about this; we pray every day, and…and volunteer our time to help the needy and the neighborhood in some kind of way that I express to those around me that I follow Christ and that’s why I do these things. I should think not. “Oh man of God”; a title attributed to Moses, Elijah, and Elisha of the Old Testament that described a Prophet or one in service to God. Just as there are titles for men and women of the world; “Man of Wealth”, “Man of Leisure”, “Man of Pleasure”, defines the passionate influences of their lives and what they represent with all their heart. The Apostle Paul applies this title to Timothy in the New Testament in 1Timothy 6:11- “But thou, oh man of God…” ; and 2 Timothy 3:17; “That the man of God may be perfect.”  As it should be with us that represent that heavenly kingdom with all our heart. Neither of these from the Old or New Testament was without fault or failure, however that title said something. Made an impact in the world around them during their time and that title separated them from the rest of the world that reflected God, not only in words which they spoke, but was evident by the power of God working through them. In spite their imperfections they believed God and used by God. They accomplished what appeared to be humanly impossible feats that showed God was with them. So as we move forward this day and in our walk of faith let us remember those great forefathers of faith that has passed on the burning torch to “Fight the good fight” and take with us each day that sense of God in every company and situation, not giving the enemy a foothold that will hinder, or discourage us in the face of opposition. So as we look at ourselves in the mirror, let us not count our own failures of the past or our imperfections or flaws that could disqualify and discredit us used as a tool of the enemy, but rather look toward our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that fulfills in us his amazing grace as He perfects our faith. What is your title…today? “Oh man and woman of God.”  We fight, we endure, we proclaim, we preserver, and in the end we stand knowing that we’ve done all that we could do and we are victorious! So in essence, that man or woman of God is one that is completely surrendered in the hands of God, because the battle is the Lord’s. God bless each and every one of you and your house.