Right hand Pink

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Awake await praise no mistake in hells graves to be breaking out bravely to save me from shavesClose the most hazed a toast to the courageous Never would I be famous in a day Still aimless I shift n shift from the stage of youth just a kid in the lid of my brains n this brits a bit strange I wont shit on the reins I spit a bit deranged I aint heavy I got rays of love outward aimed But in me this is drained Insane in the brains n I crave to be braver Do me a favour Ale stout Crisps n lager no speak no sweet murder sweat heinous days over Lovers succumbs as I cum with no lover Lost love of a brother sister and mother I left back darker starker than I defied family covering hate eye 4 eye well fuck it whatever never fucking mind I not got no hot pride or prize of this pride Growling and Howling under moons Cowering devoured the insides Once where love would reside As we pass among grasses say hi n then sigh Grit teeth seek relief As seeds become Dry I’d ask myself why but years I had tried But nothing did come that got me to feel right That got me safe n tight sleep well for the night Insight held despite the lights blinding too bright No might meek a mouse eek I’m lousy n drowsy Lazy not mighty flat council is messy No lessons confessions it’s just not that easy so please excuse me or hear me speak Spite As you leak your bleak shite No I don’t wanna fight Yeah I’ll see ya alright your just plain fucking tight I aint out for the night