An Occupation of Change

“Create a list of 3 to 5 words that best describe you.”  

Although this task may seem simple I have racked my brain continuously for the past 3 days trying to choose which 5 out of a million words best represent who I am.  ‘Enthusiastic,’ popped in my head, as well as, ‘outgoing, bubbly, creative, and studious.’ Each trait that came to mind quickly vanished with the thought of a new.  It was through this mental battle that I had a revelation: who I am changes every day.  Every time I meet a new person, or read a new book, my perspective changes. In consequence, my personality is altered too. This is the easiest way to describe why I want to be a journalist.

Modern day journalism is in a state of rapid growth and change.  It has become one giant interactive and reactive stream of information. Access to current events is now available through more than just news outlets.  Sprawled across Facebook and Twitter are headline events, that, in previous years, would have been read at the kitchen table in the morning paper.  Through so many perspective outlets, we are able to see through the eyes of individuals, rather than the wide lens of various media outlets.

I want to discover things that make life unique and contribute to this growing world of shared information.  I want to discover what interests me and through my own enthusiasm and passion, display that content in an irresistible way.  I want my words to live forever.  I will become a journalist and I will evolve with an industry that gives knowledge to the ignorant and voice voiceless.