Iggy the Bold Bunny…and Babies

Rabbit personality type: ”Rabbits always tend to be gentle and quiet, elegant and alert, kind and patient, and particularly full of responsibility.”

Iggy was not a typical rabbit.

Iggy, our new bunny was full of joy when we first brought her home and let her out of her tiny mesh cage. Ecstatic that she was liberated, she ran laps around the entire house jumping and twisting in the air every few minutes. This is typical rabbit behaviour for extremely happy bunnies but none my family had seen anything like this particularly joyful demonstration. Iggy was delightful, full of character, keeping all of us, even my calm. dignified husband entertained for hours with her exuberant antics.

Iggy defied everything animal experts have ever written about rabbits. 

Supposedly rabbits hate to hop up and down stairs. Not Iggy. She did not want to be left or fenced in at all. If we closed bedroom doors to keep her off beds, she simply pushed the door open with her nose. She was aggressive and determined, not cowering or timid at all.

Does this fit your image of a rabbit? I know Iggy continually shocked my whole family.

Unbelievable as it sounds, Iggy, not the cat or dog, was soon in charge of the household pets.

Kitty was so terrified of Iggy that she would come down the stairs silently and then cautiously peak around the staircase to see if Iggy was anywhere around. If there was no sign of Iggy, she would creep tentatively down the long hall, stopping to look around, twitching her whiskers and ears. If Iggy caught a glimpse of Kitty, she would scramble, noisily, as fast as she could down the hallway and chase that poor cat right back upstairs. Afterwards that bold bunny would slowly hop back into the kitchen, obviously pleased with herself.

This rabbit chased the dog!

Not content to boss the cat around, Iggy was soon in charge of our huge lab. If the dog started to chase Iggy, she would outrun him and was soon running behind Shadow as they ran their laps. Now the prey chased the predator.

Iggy not only commandeered our pets but was soon pushing around the humans as well. As soon as one of the family opened the fridge door, Iggy was there in a flash, standing up to get a better view of the veggies.

If one of my children tried to sleep in, Iggy would hop on the bed, jumping right beside their head, until they woke up!

Iggy was definitely not a cowering rabbit. 

I think that Iggy benefited psychologically from our kid filled home. Perhaps this intelligent rabbit sensed our love and delight in who she was, setting her free to become even more animated and fearless.

If a loved bunny is able to defy typical expectations, how much more might a baby take flight on the wings of love?