So far, it has been odd staying in Leeds.

This thing called ‘university life’ is very strange to me. Partly because my one of my flatmates is a Marxist. Other than that, you hear people outside so often. All of them raucous freshers. Maybe because it is Freshers’ week but let’s hope it ends next week. 

I don’t usually wash my own dishes. This, I am still trying to get used to. Other than house chores, it is the lifestyle that I find weird too. It’s funny how I haven’t been having the drive to write posts or read up on HTML. Since I arrived and finally settled in, all of it just disappeared in thin air. I am trying to get it back though. 

Also, I’m becoming oddly attracted to Facebook now. Just yesterday in the afternoon I was scrolling through the news feed and I swear I saw someone’s status update three times. When I think there are no more interesting status updates anymore, I just go back to the top and start again. Very unlike me. 

I’ve been getting lazy too. Lazy to read, lazy to write and lazy to do my squats. It’s just not as easy to do my squats anymore considering the gym is a 5-minute walk in the cold from my room. I’m so sorry Dr Michael! By the way, I really miss going to his chiropractic centre. I really need some spinal adjustments now. Having been walking more than usual, I now struggle with the fear of knowing that my back could ache at any step I take, whether it’s into the lecture hall or into the wide expanse of Hyde Park.

Living with flatmates is interesting. You encounter so many types of behaviours. Be it an emotional drunken haze or support towards socialism, it definitely isn’t what you would expect in an Asian household. Well, this is just the beginning.