Why Write?

Or, why not write?

Writing is or can be as creative, and artistic, as any canvas masterpiece or melodic symphony. Writing is expression, self expression, via pen and ink, words and WordPress! It is free therapy, candid advice, clever interactions, sadness and a tale of romance; it can be anything, and everything, depending on who reads the words, when and where.

Now I am no expert on writing, because every person’s writing experience, highs and lows will of course, and naturally, be different. I suppose it could be said that no ONE person knows all the answers, no one person holds the key to the universal writers knowledge, or, success; sorry to disillusion you all! This post was merely written by me to hopefully lend some inspiration, to basically keep you all writing!

Why would it provide inspiration?

Well, I understand some of what you have experienced, I feel your frustration and know your plight; I am a struggling writer too. OK, there will be those of you who are successful, I.E, paid writers, yet I am here to say that even if you are still struggling, like me, you are still a success!

Yes, YOU are!

So, failing that I won’t be able to provide you with every answer to every question you have ever asked yourself regarding writing. Being that I do refuse to provide anyone with a fool-proof, ‘how to’ guide that would guarantee your over night success (because such things would be impossible)! Why would you want to read my post?

Remember inspiration? Well, that is why you SHOULD read this post!

Regardless of the uncertainties (and there are many) with desiring a writing career, writing can be fulfilling. This remains true even if you will never make one single penny from it. Why, because writing can be magical, if done correctly.

What do I mean by correctly?

Well, writing is a unique experience. To state a person should not write or dream of becoming an author (or any other type of writer), just because they may never be the next big literary thing, is complete nonsense. Everyone has a right to write! Being able to express yourself is a gift!

Yet, to be a good writer, you really have to know what writing means to you. Ask yourself why do you write, what purpose does it serve in your life. If it is to make money, well, there are more chances of that not occurring than occurring. That isn’t because your work sucks, but because the industry is difficult to break into, and fickle! The world is filled to the brim with talented writers, being published is not the final word in success or the seal of approval. Honestly!

Whether you publish or not, no one person can place an embargo on who can write, and what can be written. No one person holds the monopoly on what is or is not good. Earning money does not automatically make something good.

We all read into things differently after all. We all have our own opinions.

Do you feel you have to emulate another writer? Do you feel you are under the shadow of another writer’s achievements? Do you feel your words offer nothing to the world?

Don’t you think that is the wrong writing attitude? How can you really embrace writing if you feel so stifled?

I remember being told that there is a buyer for everything an artist produces, it is merely the case of locating that buyer first. This also holds true for writing.

Not that we all write to sell, but like does attract like.

The message I am trying to relay is that whatever you write, whatever genre or style, someone, somewhere will appreciate it.

Yet, no one will appreciate your words if you can’t do so. Self belief is crucial, is an absolute must, is the golden ticket if you will to gain momentum. Nothing happens until you believe in you! Without faith in your own work how do you expect others to value and appreciate your work?

So please, shout about it, write about, cry about it, complain about it and desire it; most of all infuse yourself, and in turn your writing, with a passion of belief. A belief in your own self and what you are doing. Then and only then will the real magic of writing begin.

Whether you want money for your words or just more blog followers, I know success will occur by; believing in you, following your heart, speaking your own words truly and ensuring you try.

Believe in you and others will too.

That is it, my only advice to being a successful, happy and productive writer. Simple, isn’t it?!

I hear you say, ‘Yeah that is all well and good, but WHEN will I be the next Stephenie Meyer’? OK, well, pass me my magic wand and crystal ball, and let me see what I can do for you!