A fellow blogger suggested days past that: within chaos lies the inception of creativity and so I ask of you to bear with me if my thoughts are jumbled.Out of a mirage of thoughts lie inspirations for the day. Like the way I was supposed to be focused on the days sermon but, last Sunday’s drama kept on playing in my mind.

Last sunday while in church one of the church elders did something rather unbecoming as he halted a hymn being sung by the congregation right in the heart of the song he had been conducting (though of cause I only became aware after).

I thought something seriously critical was transpiring only to find he was just being a drama king!He wanted the entire church to look at him as he was leading us through the hymn notes amidst the varying pitch frequencies.

Aghast and irritated that such a grown man should seek attention so obviously, I tried to destruct my self with other thoughts intentionally allowing my mind to wonder off but that only lasted for while.

Remembering the teaching in Matthew 7:4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? only served to get me even more angry.

Today however, I got to see through my hot headedness and value the role that ‘drama king’ plays in our church, serving his God the way he best knew. I swallowed my pride and looked up the pulpit by the deacon as he lowered and raised his baton stealing glances every now and then between him and the hymn book before me to make sure I get the lyrics right too, I was amazed. It worked like s charm!

I sure do hope there are not many hypocritical big heads like myself as I look around me because I want to enjoy a melodious worship from now on, if I can get past the wonder moments like this writing I am carefully typing in my head and storing for later when I get in front of a computer to share my days highlights with you. stay blessed.