Name: liewshn
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Description: Friends and family, all of them dead now. I’m the only one of my kind left in this death house. One by one, I watched each and every one of them get killed in several brutal manners. Sliding metal walls, death by wooden blocks merging temporarily then separating to wait for the next kill and deceptively built houses with sticky traps. The last one mentioned is the worst. You suffer the longest in there, whether it is witnessing the impending death of a mate or being left alone waiting for your own. It’s a tough world out there.

Food sources are scarce and elusive but we were trained to starve for hours or days but when the time comes our own ravenous demons emerge and take control of our logic and instinct. When this happens, one of our own will go out into the danger zone and seek for food, ignorant of the abundance of bloodshed that has happened in it. They usually die when they’re out there. Those monsters are capable of anything. Poison, force and even gooey traps.

I have been lucky to have get enough food, sufficient to not let myself go through that deathly metamorphosis. You say that we are quick enough to outrun those beasts. Whoever said that was lying. The only was to stay safe is not get into the danger zone, to stay high above where they can’t reach us even with all their self-made tools. Prevention is better than cure, that is what my grandfather told me. He is gone now but he did not die in vain. We were alone, our extended family and I, when those horrendous claws started to disrupt our gathering. We couldn’t fight back even when we outnumbered them at that time. Those claws kept thumping on the ground we were on, sending tremors which slightly sweep us of our tiny feet.

“Run, before you get knocked off the ground,” my grandfather cried out.

I left the scene but sadly he didn’t. He sprinted straight to the highest point of the area and made a kamikaze dive straight towards the beast and landed on its head. It panicked for a while and swung its arms back and forth, shrieking until it knocked my grandfather off its head and had him in clear sight for its next kill. That is why the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ is so deeply embedded in me.

As I stare at the beast from high above where it has no clue I am watching its every move, I came to the realization that I will not live long. You either die a hero or live for nothing. This is war and I will win it for my friends, my family and most importantly my kind. I take a few deep breaths, my last ones, and emitted war cry which alerted the beasts. When they looked up, I stared back at them and let myself cannonball into their eyes like an atomic bomb being dropped into the heart of a nation. I was born a house lizard but I will die a soldier.
Category: Fiction