Hakuna Matata


‘Kenya Yetu, Hakuna Matata’

A phrase that I’d listened to so often in my childhood, that it became the definition of my home country.

Kenya is its abundance of greenery,
Kenya is the roar of the lions.

Kenya is its heartfelt welcome,
Kenya is the scent of the forest.

Kenya is my home,
Kenya is my family.

The sound of the lions roar, the heartfelt welcomes and the scent of the forest were replaced today. By the sound of gunshots, the cries of help and prayer, the scent of gunfire and blood.

A forefinger met a trigger, a bullet fixed its target, and heaven was filled immediately with angels. The sounds of gunshots halted, and took with them the childhood of plenty.

Gallant heroes approached the building, and soon, distraught survivors appeared at the the entrance of the gate that has changed their lives.

Panic-ridden loved ones hope and pray.
Fellow citizens hope and pray.
Humanity hopes and prays.

I offer my salute to the gallant heroes, I offer my prayers to the angels in heaven, I offer my heart to the forsaken childhoods.

21st September 2013 – a day that has been inscribed in my memory.