friday the 13th

Name: ferwam
Description: I must confess, it never makes sense to me why so many people pin such reverence on a day and a number and let it determine their life.

True, I may have been known to try my hand at the lottery, thinking the ancestors have sent me the winning numbers in a dream, I might be lucky one day that’s what.

Infact I bet the soccer6 today on my way home. Don’t judge. Believe me I have gone through that already.But seriously, try as I may, I don’t get the hype.

Instead, I’m faced with just the phone low on memory space warnings plus the irritation of deleting countless emails and SMS’s for ever warning me of the possible dangers ahead from concerned friends and family.

Worse, even my own self uploaded phone applications join in on the uprise and deside to jest me with today’s pop up topic: friday the 13th myth and its origin. If it weren’t so valuable to me as a writer I would uninstall it on the spot, and see how it likes being on the receiving end!

Please, go on as if dates were nothingness that came and went with the wind hence have no influence on our future. Just that I’m no millionnair next door as yet speaks volumes. You be the judge.

Maybe I am flowed in thinking but I never claimed to be otherwise. Just signing off on a normal day.
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