A Change of Consciousness is a Change of Life

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Description: When my husband Del and I fell in love and got married in 1965 we were both full blown patriarchs. There was no alternative approach to life available to us then. Nothing had been offered in education, religion, movies, television, arts or culture to indicate that the premise of male supremacy, or Father Rule, should ever be questioned.

Del and I were living in Oakland, California when the unexpected social revolution of the 1960s took us by surprise. Together we caught the red hot spark of it from nearby San Francisco, the hub of the flower-power generation. I was nineteen, Del was twenty. In my soul, I believe the social revolution at that time was a collective human urge to return to its roots of universal relationship the way early humanity had lived before the institutions of the Patriarchy became entrenched in its collective mind.

It was exhilarating to entertain new, liberating approaches to life and thinking. Seeing America through eyes wide open to what the burgeoning corporate government had become was an adventure in consciousness raising. Del and I believed every dot and tittle of the patriotic propaganda the government had given us since birth, and we felt betrayed. Never again.

The Vietnam War was the war of our lifetimes and the first we were to ever question or oppose. It was the government, not the fighting soldiers we had a quarrel with, those who were our brothers, cousins, schoolmates and friends. After that it was easy to question everything about the world we lived in.

A change of consciousness is a change of life, and our lives were turned around 180 degrees. We left the Bay Area to live in the Northern California wilderness. Finding our land, we built a small cedar cabin so we could live close to Nature while raising our baby girl-child, Kristy. It’s from this same cozy nest that I sit at my desk and write to you now. For thirty-seven years our roots have been planted deep in this land by the ever-flowing creek. Now I am the land, and the land is me.

Once a woman friend asked me, “Suzy, what’s the secret of your long happy marriage?

“It’s love.” I told her.

Patriarchy, a system of government, religion and culture made by men for men, makes relationship between the sexes difficult because it is wrong and unfair. It takes real love to work it out, for real love is real relationship, the thing that patriarchy is not.

In my eyes a new revolution must be women and men shucking off a system that is wrong at its very roots, and getting back to their deeper, richer, relational, loving, truly human roots. I see this as humanity’s chance to save itself and make restitution to all the life that has suffered unjustly while it’s been painfully living out this terrible mistake.
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