A funny story?

ha ha
I was asked during an interview the other day if I had a funny Fibro story.

I thought – funny?

I replied No & I thought that there is no way I could think of anything funny about having Fibro.

Then I remembered;

I was driving my Daughter to school the other day. I had been tearless until I had to sit in the car.

The pain in my lower back was escalating. Tears started to slowly roll down my cheek.

It is a short drive to her school but as I continued to drive the crying became more intense.

kleenexShe asked me if she could do anything to help and I told her to go into my purse and get me a kleenex.

She looked but said she couldn’t find any – “Check the pocket inside” I replied.

She pulls out a “pad” saying;    kotex

“There isn’t any kleenex but there is a pad.

She pretends to dab tears from her cheek and said “and it’s REAL absorbant”.

(I love that kid) ~ For a few minutes the tears changed to laughter and I forgot my pain.


I am a Fibro Warrior ~ Living Life!