Left hand yellow

Whoah this curse kissed my woe As a hearse to go backslackreversed I disperse bitter verse – Is no church kill my hurt No shirt hoodie cap Chat utter crap as my fate it feels worse – I could burst into tears To immerse in deep flood Tearing sticks from the mud where’s blood Chill me nurse – Do I live in a shed I turn red as I stir from years of firm dread but Instead I just err – I would believe in the bread But I can’t cut the crud Or get to a third Of the boys and the birds – So I’m roofed safe n fed In a mess I detest N I can’t lift my head N it seems quite absurd – So regrets of I’ve learnt I can’t earn my way out As now I’m devout To let go and just flow – Weather pain Rain or snow It’s the same fucking show The only real change is I’ve aged and I know – That around all the games Bays men Girls and dames The sane n the happy The plainly deranged That a plane still awaits Where I’m settled and glow – With love n no hates Still I wait as life slows