“Shipwreck Faith”



We’ve seen many lighthouses that appeared unattractive by sight, old and dingy, beaten by the ocean and even scary at times based on what we’ve seen of them in movies. However, they have stood the test of time…saving thousands upon thousands of lives bringing small, medium and even large vessels home to bay. Something about that light that brings tears to the eyes and gives peace knowing that everything is going to be alright now…I’m home. As it is with the word of God in the Holy Bible. At times we allow what we see to blur our vision and our faith begins to weaken and before we know it we are blinded by circumstances and suffer shipwreck faith. We lose hope and become afraid and begin to sink. But just then when we feel that “I can’t take anymore.” We remember that old beaten unattractive least read book on the  dusty shelf in that dark moment…there’s light shinning from its pages as we glance up causing our spirit to leap within us and as we open the pages. That light somehow begins to revive us, encourage us, strengthen us and as the tears of joy begins to fall from our eyes at that very moment we know that we’ve found our way home. The Lord will never gives us more than we can bare and there is always a light that signals us home in the darkness when we’ve suffered shipwreck faith. For the light of God’s word IS the lamp for my feet that I may not stumble in the dark in this valley of shadow of death. May God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ  protect you and bless you.