Stories Never Die


i travelled from afar to look once again at

a magical place from my childhood,

the birthplace,door-to-heaven

of stories and dreams,

where imagination and creativity

took flight, never weighed down by commonsense.


my tiny kingdom had been destroyed by progress.

i stood  on hot concrete,

staring incredulously at a large edifice of

glass like steel and steel like glass.

searching my memories,

i did not see this artificial monstrosity.

rather, reflected in the mirror like steel,

i saw a cluster of wild apple trees,

stunted and gnarled.

through the eyes of a child

these wild trees were a magical orchard,

created just for me.

i sat in the tall grass,

shaded by succulent fruit,

listening to a symphony of insects and birds,

watching stories unfold in the clouds.

it was a Garden of Eden.

for a creative child,

the perfect backdrop

for imaginary tales that progress

will never destroy.

stories outlast cities


part of our shared, collective consciousness,

living where neither rust nor mold can destroy them.

stories live on in us.