Teachings of the Lone Traveller

There is quote which says 

“I might not be on the right path, 

But I know I am on my way!!” 

This made me wonder, travelling is more that just picking up a backpack , a map and heading out alone. It teaches you so many things. While travelling you get time to think. Not about others or your problems or your girlfriend/boyfriend,your work, your boss, etc.. About yourself. Just you. You have to find peace within yourself. The inner peace. Something which can be done only when you are away from the day to day rush-life(that’s what I call it). 

You set out on a path unknown or sometimes yo know is not right. But that only makes you learn more. Make new mistakes and correct them. It’s not which path you travel on. It’s how you travel it. 


The journey is always the best part. I do agree that reaching you destination gives you immense pleasure but the way you did it is the jewel you will cary in your treasure always. 

So pack your bags and get out . the world is waiting. So are some intriguing teachings which you can learn all by yourself.