A man with no radio

So Fucking what I Spot Shots in all Shops – slow to not Drop I dont get what I want – I wont Praise or raise Props, What Sure I Not Got – I not Forgot I got allot of Foolish Fowl Stops — No I Wont flow Hot, besotted…. Not Hiphop – chopped sentances have sentiance , What? – Question Mark, curious lessons spark thought, yet For shorts – Logos Those Slow Moes take Over, abort — WoAh to our NoWhere we care for Alone – in the backs of bad homes Zone out to our drones – The fridge or the Radio, Girlfriend or Phone – DEborched, dead, FRIdged, dont leave me Alone — No I dont Clone flow I Really should Though – so I Go nowhere slowly and moan, I dont Know – If I lay my cap and I call my Dive home – I write on and never refine a Line though — So not So clever ride where the Breeze Blows – but if Wind Rain or Snow back inside I will Go – Fussy Shy Pussy, thats who I am though – A man with a Cap and no Radio