I was wishing all the time – I was waiting on a sign – I had nothing down the line – Only wishing was all mine — Needed kissing in my prime – No one listened in our pride – everybody killed my pride – And nobody helped me rise — No one saw me softly cry – As I bled as they were high – Of the glass of picture past – Of my family without I — As I flew over the sky – Only in my lonely mind – Left to cry alone and sigh – Twists of bullies soon were nigh — Twisted fate I’d wait to die – All my money was not mine – As the honeys would be primed – As I held them in my dreams — Were they lonely, scared to scream? – Merely casual easy crimes – Lost alone some wonder why – I do not easily lie — My respect is yet to shine – I have few words to reside – So absurd some can deny – Fucking burnt and left outside — Still they scorn in new design – Say the blame is plainly mine – And I play along its fine – And it never will be fine – And it never will be fine – And I play along its fine