Top 10 Tips For Starting A Writing Blog

Top 10 Tips For Starting A Writing Blog

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What is the aim of the blog?

Figure out the exact aim of your writing blog. Do you want to simply showcase your works, or progressively write a story and post it up online? Maybe you just want to blog articles and posts on literature news, or even book reviews, previews and author interviews. There’s a lot to consider but you can also specialise in just a few.
It’s important though, to find out your aim before you go plowing ahead.

Establish a Consistent Writing Routine

Get consistent with your writing, not necessarily every day at the same time, but at least several times a week. Don’t rush in with 20 posts in 2 days and then go quiet for a few weeks. Bad idea. People will lose interest if you lose interest.
A good writing routine will not just attract bloggers and readers but it’ll help with your own writing development. Your own style is solidifying if you will find your own voice and it can help you understand your choice of words better, how to structure the next blog and you will learn quicker too!

Check out the competition

Check the competition and see whether it’s attracting a vast amount of readers or not. What do people really like? If you’re creative, you can have interesting posts, but just remember, don’t copy…

Develop thick skin

You’ll get the good and the bad, so when you start your blog, you’ll eventually get a wide range of bloggers and readers commenting on your stuff and even if it’s not offensive, you may receive some negative comments. Negative feedback it’s agree, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so don’t take it so hard if someone says your blog post sucks. Prove them wrong! Write more and write better! Sometimes you just won’t please everyone so don’t even try to. Find those who enjoy your stuff and write them, not to forget to write for yourself.

Use the right keywords

When you run a writing blog and get it noticed, you need to use the right and the most relevant keywords and tags. In that case, not only WordPress categories but also Google can index your pages and posts correctly. This will direct the right audience to your blog, so make sure to tag posts in your writing blog with words such as: literature, writing, writing tips, fiction, editing etc.

Why WordPress is the best

There are other blogging formats you could use, but out of preference the best one to use is WordPress! There are two versions, (the easy to use, free one) and (the downloadable one that requires a hosted domain to use first). The latter is for those more experienced with creating websites, but the option is such an easy-to-use blogging tool and so accessible that is really does dominate the competition on the web.
WordPress also has a reader feature and freshly pressed. You can search categories and find the latest in posted blogs and re-blog them, share them, like them, whatever you want! WordPress is brilliant for this and easily connects bloggers from all over the world and widely used by writers.

Connect with like-minded bloggers

WordPress is great for connecting with other bloggers; Twitter, FB, Google+ can also speed this up and it is pretty incredible, once you get into the swing of things. Meeting new, like-minded bloggers, can help not only unlock new ideas, but also help promote your own blog. The more people you meet, the more chance your blog has of getting read, shared and the traffic will go straight up. Your writing will get more recognition and it can snowball from there on.
Also, there are just some fantastic people on the net, waiting to be found and can be great fun to chat too and get to know!

Don’t copy stuff

If you feel your creativity hitting the wall, drying up as it were, don’t be tempted to go stealing stuff from other bloggers. It’s cheap, it’s immoral and people will notice, especially Google. Duplicated content does not look good and if bloggers will catch you with that, your readership will collapse rapidly and people will hold your blog site in little regard.
Google is very clever in that, it can detect duplicated content and will not index it highly at all. So if you are looking to get your writing blog indexed well and considered highly by Google, don’t even think about writing duplicated stuff (even if you partially re-word it).

Understand the Importance of Perseverance

There are a lot of ups and downs to blogging, so you’re essentially handing over a large part of yourself to the internet, hoping to gain recognition of some sort, be it large or small.
Blogging can sap away your energy too if you’re doing it on a regular basis. Try to focus on the enjoyment. If you do that, concentrate on why you love blogging, you’ll get through the down periods and persevere. If  it is not for yourself, do it for the readers who do enjoy your content.

Love Blogging for the right reasons

If you’re not enjoying the writing and the content you are producing then it will show in the text. People can sense the tone of your work and it’s also time consuming, so don’t waste your life plowing ahead with a blog you don’t actually enjoy.

Hope this 10 tips helped you all a lot! Starting a writing blog by now, will be a little more easier.