The Great:Sir Zahir Hussain

My honest readers!Asalam u alekum.Today I am going to write about such a person who has always given good accounts. His name is “Leader of Truth Appearance”. The truth which is trust able, the name that is respected, the belief that is believable.He is not anyone else; he is our grand leader Sir Zahir Hussain Baluch.By taking his name a respect raises in our hearts and he has always been in the hearts of everyone. In this topic I have founded three main points; Struggle, education and Sir Zahir Hussain Baluch.At first, I will write about the king. If a person first opens an academy so it needs a leader first. Second teachers and third readers. If we want so we can also open an academy but it needs an admired and perfect leader as our leader is. He has a firm grip on his subjects; he has addressed his students for truth, reality, struggle and education. There are no words for him, because he had not just remained a principal of a school but a father of reality. When he walked, everyone stopped; when he talked everyone became quiet, when he gave lectures so everyone’s attention was there but now no one is alert to listen a lecture. He was credible because of his charming personality and about his personality I must say that god has bestowed him such a personality that attracts everyone towards education, struggle and reality. He is a kind person, may be he had remained sometimes in aggressive mood but it couldn’t had been his real face because he has  always remained frank with his students  as frank as a father and leader. The all students miss him for his good accounts he has given .it is impossible to get such a great leader like him again. He is famous throughout the world and is regarded as an honorable person.
The second point is struggle and education or rather struggle in education.
His struggle for humans is believable.his struggle for balochs is credible, his struggle for students is limited, and his struggle for students is limited, his struggle for education is real able .He has done lot of struggle(not done also doing)whether it is education,life,difficulties,nation or society. That much struggle that he has done, no one can do.
Now the educational progress, Education is the most fundamental step of a success, of our ambitions. If there is not education then that place is just like a barren land. if we talk about struggle for education and that of sir Zahir hussain so that is inexpressible. He has performed the all things in such a way that is out of minds. He has also opened many institutions in different places, he is a hopeful person and he will be! Before the past was hopeless that we should take it but now we are hopeless to get the past. There is a saying that;”Life is not that much long that we should wait for our future, but also it is not that much short that we should do something better before our past calls us”
Sir zahir hussain did all those struggles and works at his present times when he was present in Oasis so according to the saying, the time doesn’t wait for us, we have to wait for the time. We don’t call the past but the past calls us, we don’t struggle but our hard work teaches us to struggle. I hope my points have brought you home. At the begging I stated the Leader of truth appearance, so I want to clear it that Sir: leader, Zahir: appearance, Hussain: beautiful or true. The points that I have written are also gained by help of leader. If he couldn’t be here so none could be at an academic peace .The respect, education .knowledge that Sir Zhair Hussain has given is obviously inexpressible!!
Written By:Yasmeen Sana Baloch
copied from my blog.