Translucent as jellyfish
Once of a humanoid
He runs via streams of telecommunication
Cables of ocean

I twitch awake through all the night
He snarls at us still

I prevent his death through weakness, thus he defends me also

He is friend…. familiar
He finds me lovers

Females through slips of extended day dream
I pick them up as cuddly toys
Then discard them as if they are cigarettes
And I am dancing in bohemian streets on amphetamine
And confidence gained of passionate kisses with easy drunk women

His lights fade; slowly revolving in organic patterns of few colours
Red being one

Quick moments cover distance

As fast as Einstein would say would manipulate time as drunk slut in the arms of horny man with no care of decency

Awakening the hidden depths of minds
Attached to lonely naked bodies

Or ingrained with desperate need of satisfaction