More Atheists Than Theists Online? Why?

accidentalscholakIn any census I’ve seen atheists, agnostics, non-theists and non-deists are in a minority compared to say Catholics, Christians and Muslims. However in ANY online discussion I’ve seen or been involved in, Atheists seem to massively outnumber and outvote theists! Could this be related to the correlation between intelligence and atheism?

Melanie Jean Juneau

A spiritual Christian understands that it is impossible to argue convincingly with an articulate atheist because their experience of the living God is not simply a rational relationship. Often a heart to heart encounter is sensed with the right-brain, intuition,deepest core self. As St. Paul says, faith is foolishness in the eyes of those people who are confined to rational logic, or what they can see with their eyes.

This is a load of BS

 Melanie  Jean Juneau

Only if you have not been surprised by God. Do you really expect an encounter with the Living Eternal God to be a normal, explicable experience that can convince a non-believer? Just because YOU have not experienced anything spiritual, does not mean that it does not exist. Or are you arrogant?

 so, are all the Christians who do argue online not spiritual in your eyes?


Of course not. Some Christians are articulate and flexible enough to explain an intuitive, right brain experience in logical, left brain language. Not all of us can. Especially up against an atheistic, educated philosopher . He can talk rings around most of us and is determined to prove that he is right. Self-righteous Christians are the very same.

I was replying to the question of WHY Christians are reluctant to engage in these kinds of debates and why there are fewer of them on line. It is like explaining the existence of the Spirit using a foreign language, describing a foreign experience, using a foreign level of knowledge. Spiritual Theists ( as opposed to simply rule following religious people) are living on different plane than atheists.

That should be a question comment then.


NO… it answers the question of WHY theists don’t argue on line.

You might want to make this connection clearer in your answer then.

Ah so are you trying to say that the reason it seems like there are more Atheists is that Theist don’t argue online? For the reasons cited in your answer.


Most Christians cannot translate their religious lingo into psychological, secular terms and so become frustrated. It is like a Martian trying to relate to an earthling. Some Christians are quite good at debating C.S. Lewis was a brilliant apologist.

Some bright intellectuals set out to logically prove that there was no such thing as God, only to encounter Him. Thomas Merton, a Trappist Monk was such a man. He said that God would rather deal with a honest, searching atheist who stuck his neck out in discussions etc. than a wishy-washy agnostic who simply was intellectually lazy or didn’t care. It is like thumbing your nose at God and daring Him to prove himself.

Such an atheist is a sitting duck for a God encounter.

 I think that’s a yes. I notice you don’t seem to respond to questions with a clear position. Such as mine or the OP. I’m curious about the reason behind that?


Nothing is absolute, the closer I get to God, the less I know. Arrogance gives way to humility. I dislike trying to prove myself right because I tend to dismiss or diminish my “opponent”. I love this quote from the Canadian Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche- I can be right. I can be dead right and bring death to everyone around me.”

So in the end no one changed their minds or hearts but the questions triggered answers that I had never verbalized before.

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